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Visiting the Knolls of Paradise Hills


Knolls Archives allows you to travel back in time to reread articles of interest to you, to refresh your memory on the history of our neighborhood, or just kill a little time.
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The Knolls is nestled between Coors and Golf Course -- just north of Paradise.

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Time to Move to the Knolls?
1 April 2008

87114 Paradise East

Time to Move to the Knolls?

Newcomers to Albuquerque may not have heard of the delightful Knolls' neighborhood. If you or newcomers you know are looking for Knolls' property, here's info for your search:

Visit Southwest Multiple Listing Service.
1. or
2. Click Find Properties.
3. When the form comes up, select Paradise East and zip code 87114.
4. Search for your choice: Residential or Land.



Craigslist for Albuquerque.

Check on the Property Tax amount for the property you've found.
Follow these steps:
1. Go to Bernalillo County's website ( or
2. Search using their A-Z ( )
3. Select Assessor Records Search (

The Knolls has 2 parks, one with a tennis court. You can find more offerings by visiting the city's interactive maps.

Here's how to do this:
1. Visit ( )
2. Search using the A-Z (
3. A click on M takes you to Maps (
4. Once you've reached Maps, click on Interactive Maps (

Now it's time to look for Property Prices.
1. Go to Zillow to get an idea of the amount through this link: (
WARNING! Prices presented may not be completely accurate.

We have not researched

Two other sites may be of interest in the future. They do not include Albuquerque, however. They are: Trulia ( ) and Roost ( ).

Happy Home Hunting!