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Visiting the Knolls of Paradise Hills


Knolls Archives allows you to travel back in time to reread articles of interest to you, to refresh your memory on the history of our neighborhood, or just kill a little time.
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The Knolls is nestled between Coors and Golf Course -- just north of Paradise.

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Make Tracks to the Rio Grande Nature Center
25 May 2007

To the Southeast of the Knolls is a wonderful outing for you and your family.

Gates open at daily--except for major holidays--at the Rio Grande Nature Center located at 2901 Candelaria NW.

Once you have parked ($3 cost) you can feel at home for FREE to explore the Center and its museum. The experiences include bird watching, habitat views, a walking work-out on the 270 acre expanse of trails, or biking if you are in the mood.

Check out these books if you are interested in some more outdoor fun: