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Visiting the Knolls of Paradise Hills


Knolls Archives allows you to travel back in time to reread articles of interest to you, to refresh your memory on the history of our neighborhood, or just kill a little time.
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The Knolls is nestled between Coors and Golf Course -- just north of Paradise.

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NM Lights the Candles of Success
22 January 2007

Have you seen the pretty faces on Gertrude Zachary's billboards? These faces of success belong to a newcomer to Albuquerque, Carmen Serano.

Carmen, a wife, mother, model, and actress, moved from her native Los Angeles to NM last year and planned to be a stay-at-home mom. A chain of events changed her direction, however. She left a few photos with the local Eaton Agency with the hope of getting some acting parts. Shelle Neese of Studio Seven Productions spotted Carmen's picture from dozens placed before her at the Eaton Agency. Although Carmen never envisioned being a billboard model, she was chosen to spotlight the jewelry and and beautiful antiques which are featured in the locally owned Gertrude Zachary stores located downtown and in Nob Hill. So far, four series of billboards have been photographed.

If that weren't enough excitement in the Serano household, more is to come. Movie goers will soon be flocking to see Carmen as an actress in the movie, "The Flock", with Richard Gere and Claire Danes in 2007. This movie was shot recently in Albuquerque with NM film financing.

Visit Gertrude Zachary to view some lovely items for you or for your home. Admire Carmen on the billboards and remember that many dreams of many people can come true in Albuquerque.

If you can't stop by Zachary's store today, you can visit online @