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Visiting the Knolls of Paradise Hills


Knolls Archives allows you to travel back in time to reread articles of interest to you, to refresh your memory on the history of our neighborhood, or just kill a little time.
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The Knolls is nestled between Coors and Golf Course -- just north of Paradise.

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Obtaining Knolls Recognition
7 September 2004

During the week of May 17, 2004 Don Newton was contacted, 924-3906, of the City of Albuquerque concerning current boundaries for existing Neighborhood Associations (NA).

He stated that the Knolls is a part of the very large Paradise Hills NA situated from Coors to Ventana Ranch. (See City's GIS mapping on the City website. Inside of the above NA there is another NA called Eagle Ranch whose boundary is Congress.

A smaller NA seving the Knolls establishes the area to address problems more efficiently. Congress could be the south boundary; Irving, the north and east boundary; Golf Course, the west boundary.

Deborah Nason, 924-3911, was contacted about the possibility of listing our website on the City's A-Z Directory for Neighborhood Associations. This would be possible IF we became a formal NA.

There is no information on the City's website about formation of a NA. However, Leo Padilla, 924-3912 whose email is, can be contacted about attending a Neighborhood Organization Meeting to establish a NA. This could be held in a private home.

A copy of the Restated Declaration of Protective Covenants is available.